Rankings and Recognition

无论是为学生的第一份工作做准备,还是把研究生和专业学生推向更高的高度, a Marquette education helps students reach their full potential. But don't just take our word for it.

Marquette ranks 83rd in the 2022 edition of America's Best Colleges, released by U.S. News & World Report. The university is also ranked 54th in Best Value Schools, 这其中考虑了学校的学术质量和学生获得基于需求的平均经济援助水平的净出勤率. 正规葡京游戏平台感到自豪的是,正规葡京游戏平台的学生正从他们的重大投资中获得巨大的价值. Marquette is again included as an A+ School for B Students, a distinction that aligns with our Catholic, 耶稣会向因受教育而改变的研究生传教. In addition, Marquette is ranked 58th in Best Undergraduate Teaching and 144th in Best Colleges for Veterans

The Princeton Review consistently ranks Marquette as one of its Best 387 Colleges. For 2021, it also listed Marquette in its Best Midwestern Colleges and Students Pack the Stadiums categories. 后者是基于正规葡京游戏平台的学生对金鹰的热情! The Princeton Review in 2020 ranked Marquette among the country's 200 Best Value Colleges, 19th nationally for Best Schools for Internships, 20th in Most Religious Students and 16th in Students Most Engaged in Community Service. (注:由于2019冠状病毒病的影响,2021年的排名不完整,因此2020年的排名被列入.) The Princeton Review also named Marquette to its Guide to Green Colleges: 2022 EditionThe university received a Green Rating of 88/99 for the 2022 guide.

Additionally, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance listed it among its Best Values in Private Colleges for 2018.

根据教育部大学记分卡的数据,葡京游戏在线网址排名第一 全国排名第六的大学,也是威斯康辛州就业安置最好的大学, according to rankings released by Zippia.com. 所有授予本科学位的高等教育机构的排名都是基于毕业10年后的就业数字, and Marquette’s employment rate was 95.55%.

But a Marquette education is more than just a great value. It's about values, too. 事实上,这所大学是第10所被授予的高等教育机构 Changemaker Campus title by the Ashoka Institute, 社会创业的领导者——实践应用可持续的商业模式来解决社会问题.

CEO Magazine has named Marquette to its list of North American Tier One MBA programs; 78th in its Global Executive MBA rankings; and 37th in its Global Online MBA rankings. 该出版物采用了一种基于事实的标准的排名系统,为潜在学生提供了一个表现基准.

Other notable rankings from U.S. News & World Report*:

  • 计算机专业在线科学硕士排名第14位(2022年). According to U.S. News, 计算机信息技术课程排名基于课堂参与度等因素, faculty credentials and training, and student excellence. The Computer Science undergraduate program is ranked 191st (2022).
  • In the College of Business Administration, the undergraduate program is ranked 106th (2022); the Supply Chain Management program is ranked 16th (2022); the Accounting program is ranked 21st (2022); and the Finance program is ranked 22nd (2022). In the Graduate School of Management, the executive MBA program is ranked 15th (2022); the part-time MBA program is ranked 46th (2022); and the Finance program was ranked 24th (2022).

  • For the first year it ranked undergraduate nursing programs, U.S. News ranked Marquette's program 43rd in the nation (2022). The College of Nursing's master of science program is ranked 60th (2022); its Doctor of Nursing Practice program is ranked 82nd (2022); and the Nurse Midwifery program is 20th (2016). U.S. News 葡京游戏在线网址的在线护理研究生课程排名从2021年的第47位上升到2022年的第38位. New for 2022, 该学院的在线项目在退伍军人中排名第9,在护理管理/领导专业类别中排名第12.
  • 在Opus工程学院,本科专业排名第131位(2022). Its overall ranking for graduate programs is 121st (2022), with the following graduate programs individually ranked: Biomedical engineering is 70th (2022); civil engineering is 107th (2022); computer engineer is 114th (2022); electrical engineering is 119th (2022); environmental engineering is 70th (2022); and mechanical engineering is 127th (2022).
  • In the College of Health Sciences, the Physical Therapy program is ranked 13th (2021); the Physician Assistant program 26th (2020); and the Speech Pathology and Audiology program 55th (2021).
  • The Law School is ranked 103rd overall (2022). The Dispute Resolution program is ranked 8th (2020); the Intellectual Property program is ranked 77th (2020); the Legal Writing program is ranked 12th (2021); and Trial Advocacy is ranked 121st (2021).
  • The College of Education's graduate program is ranked 148th (2022).
  • The Klingler College of Arts and Sciences' graduate English program is ranked 108th (2022); and the graduate History program is ranked 113th (2022).

* Note that U.S. News & World Report doesn't evaluate all programs annually.