Painting with PSP 6 and PaintEngine (a freeware plugin)

Please note: Becky's tutorial has been moved. This page has now been updated to reflect the new URI.

This page is designed to help those using PSP 6 get an effect that is close to Becky's wonderful Painting tutorial at

This is an intermediate tutorial. It assumes you have the necessary skills to download, install, and use the plugin, as well as a basic knowledge of PSP 6 including layers.

You will need a free plugin called PaintEngine to do this. You can find it at:

Do the first steps as stated in Becky's tutorial.

On Layer 2 go Image > Edge > Enhance one or two times depending on your image.

On Layer 3 apply Paint Engine. I used these settings, but you may find something that works better for you if you play around with it. Try clicking the randomize button one time for these settings. I don't know if it's the same in every copy but this is what came up for me after I clicked the randomize button. I had spent 10 minutes before that trying different settings and not liking any of them. LOL
Paint Engine settings

Follow Becky's tutorial for the rest of the steps. Try different opacity settings on your layers. Use PaintEngine with the same settings for your frame.

This one was done using Paint Engine. Use the Retouch tool retouch tool set to Smudge, brush size 1 or 2 to add a few brush strokes to the top layer if you like. I added some to places that seemed too smooth to me. You can also use the Retouch tool set to Sharpen to "rough up" areas.
Paint Engine result

This one was done using the original tutorial. Not the same, but I like the effect on both of them. :)
Using Becky's tutorial

Using Becky's image and PSP 6 with PaintEngine, this is what I came up with.
Paint Engine Painting

If you need more help or if something isn't clear about this PaintEngine tutorial please give me a shout - Vikki

Becky's original tutorial is found at: