LVS DW4 Assignment #1

Now, how do you get it to stop doing the heading thing easily. It stopped doing the list when I hit the Enter key twice but it didn't work that way when I went from the heading to the list.   :(    Guess you have to select the text and change it with the Properties panel thingie?

Double Blockquote used here

    Five nbsp characters inserted at the beginning of this line.

Inserted b tags in previous sentence with quick tag editor. This paragraph is aligned to the right.

Interesting watching the code in the top pane while typing in here. 
When you first hit the Enter key it puts a nbsp in there. 
I guess that's just in case you want a blank set of p tags.
This text was preformatted after being typed.

It will take some getting used to working this way. I'm so used to using the HomeSite Editor and since you're in the actual code when you use HomeSite, the number of times you hit the Enter key doesn't matter.

OK.. It knows not to span p tags with font tags. That's a good thing. But since I don't want this paragraph to have the same font settings, I have to manually change the font back to the default I guess? This paragraph is centered. How about div tags? Are they in the Quick Tag thingie? Guess I'll take a peek. Yup, it's in there so I changed these two paragraphs to plain p tags and used a div tag set to center them both.

This is definitely going to take some getting used to. LOL

Let's try some links - LVS Online | Brovik Web Productions

DW added align="left" in the p tags after closing the p tag that has the align="center" in it. I deleted that cuz it's default so not needed. Other than that, the code actually looks pretty clean for a WYSIWYG authoring tool. I think I might even get to like this.   :)

I guess that's enough playing for now.  Later Gator.......




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