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Making stars with layers

PSP 5 or 6

Making your own stars is really very simple.   This tutorial has 20 steps but is not difficult nor really time consuming after you've gone through it once. :)

You will use layers, the line tool, the motion blur filter, the rotate feature, and the airbrush in this tutorial.   I used white for this star, but if you prefer another color, any light/bright color will work equally well.  Enjoy!

This tutorial was inspired by DK1098's.   I make extensive use of layers in mine.

1. Create a new image:  300x300, Resolution = 72
Background color = Black

Set your foreground color swatch to white.


2. Create a new layer by clicking on the "new layer" button on your layer control palette.  (If you don't see your layer control palette, press the letter l and it will appear)

Name it "Vertical" when the Layer Properties window pops up.  Leave all other settings as they are.   Click OK



3. Select the line tool, set at normal, width=1    (If you don't see your control palette, press the letter o and it will show up)
Starting a little down from the top of your image, hold down shift key (keeps the line perfectly straight) and draw a vertical line that is 130 pixels long.

Star tutorial step 3

Watch the bottom left corner of your psp window.  When the circled numbers are the same as mine, let go of your mouse button.  Don't worry about the other numbers.

4. Images/blur/motion blur
Set to 0 deg and 35 pixels.

It should now look like this.


5. Create another new layer and call it "Horizontal"

6.  Holding down your shift key, draw a horizontal line that is 65 pixels long.  Try to center it with the vertical line, but don't worry if it isn't perfect because we'll use the mover tool to line things up later.

Start tutorial step 6

Watch those numbers again until yours look like these circled ones.

7. Images/blur/motion blur
Set to 90 deg and 35 pixels.

Now it should be looking like this...
If yours is really off center, use the mover tool to get it closer.


8. Duplicate "Horizontal" layer by right clicking on it and choosing "duplicate" from the dropdown menu.

9. Make sure your duplicate layer is active. 
Images/Rotate - Set Direction Right
Degrees = Free 45
"All layers" - UNchecked



Now you should have an image looking like this...

Star tutorial step 9


10. Duplicate the Horizontal layer again (not the copy you already made because each time you rotate the same image, it loses some quality)

Start tutorial step 10

11. Making sure your new copy is active go to Images/Rotate
Set direction to left.  Leave deg at 45

Use the mover tool to center any lines that need it.


12. Hide your background by clicking on the little icon to the right of the layer name.
You won't be able to see your star right now, but that's ok.
Right click on one of the layer buttons and choose Merge/Visible.
Now you will only have two layers; Background and merged.  You can rename the merged layer to star if you want to.
Turn your background back on so you can see the star again.


13. Create a new layer and call it blur

14. Select the Airbrush tool.  In the  control palette under "Tool Controls" set the paper texture to "none"
Under "Brush Tip" set as follows:
Shape = Round
Size = 75
Hardness = 0
Step = 10
Opacity = 10
Density = 100


15. Place your cursor in the center of your star and quickly click 2 or 3 times.

NOTE: You may skip steps 16 & 18 (creating new layers) if you like. I put everything on a new layer so that I can move it around if I need to.


16. Create another new layer.

17. With the airbrush still selected, change the brush size to 50.  Click quickly in the center of your star 1 or 2 times.


18. Create another new layer.

19. With the airbrush still selected, change the brush size to 30 and click quickly in the center of your star 1 time.

20. Hide your background layer again, and merge visible.   Save as psp so that you maintain the layers.

You're done!



Now you are ready to make your star into many different sizes & colors and turn them into tubes...



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